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Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale

Dear Jim:

Following our meeting at Slifka Center, in which we recapped 2019 and mapped together directions for 2020 and beyond, I wanted to add a few words to express my immense gratitude for everything that PMA has done for Slifka.

Since you and Paul first visited Slifka a year ago, you never ceased to amaze me, not only with your encyclopedic knowledge of building and property management, but also with your humility, cheerfulness and can-do approach. No task was too big, no problem too challenging. When you and Paul said that you were “honored to be invited into Slifka,” you meant it. You understood Slifka’s new vision and direction, and applied your vast knowledge, experience and wisdom to achieve a joint goal: help us execute this vision.

I have to say a few words about Alex. When Paul, Mary, Scott and you interviewed candidates for the Superintendent position and told me that “we got your guy,” I was optimistic. I already knew you well enough to know that when PMA promises something, PMA delivers. And yet, Alex’s performance outdid even my wildest dreams. The way in which Alex immersed himself in Slifka, took ownership on the building’s management, applied himself to learn from you and your experience, and did everything with a smile and calm manner, has raised the bar. Knowing that we have Alex on site, that the two of you are in constant communication, and that you never let your eyes off the center and continue to care deeply about it, allows me to focus my time and energy in other areas of Slifka’s operation that currently need my attention.

When 2019 started, the building was Slifka’s top problem. It was my biggest headache, a deep and excruciating migraine. When the year ended, the building was not even a nuisance. In fact, the building was a source of pride and model of excellence. PMA not only solved Slifka’s biggest problem; it also, as you promised, added value, and continues to add value every day.
On behalf of everyone at Slifka, I thank you again for your fabulous work. I look forward to continuing our partnership and making it stronger, well beyond 2020.

With appreciation,

Ziv Eisenberg, Ph.D.
Managing Director
Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale
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